How to Get Your Music on Biggest Playlists

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For every artist, it is essential to have their music on different big platforms. It gives a massive amount of opportunities. Especially if you are a beginner, it will be an enormous step for you in your career. First of… Continue Reading →

Spring mood with new R&B, Hip-Hop, Trap & U. K. mixes

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Hip-Hop Advisor continues to gather new mixes in the field to keep you happy. The first one is a nice tune from Blightys Bangers, the show emphasizes tracks by Ramz, Hardy Caprio, Dappy, Afro B, J Hus and more. TECH.GRL… Continue Reading →

Everythings For Sale from BoogieOfficial made a big noize in the hip-hop world

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How to Use Spotify Weekly and Release Radar for Music Promotion

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The digital age makes his own rules for listening to music and discovering new artists. With tens of millions of sounds and artists, finding who to trust when it comes to collecting music can be a complicated matter. Musicians often… Continue Reading →

Hip-Hop Influence on the Black Community

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Hip Hop has had an amazing influence on the black community in America. Hip-hop is not just music, it is a culture. Over the past decades, that has reflected interests of a huge group of people. But also from another… Continue Reading →

The Social Significance of Rap and Hip-Hop Culture

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The discussion about rap music and its impact on the African-Americans’ social life has been on the central stage of the American media to a large extent because of obvious violence in texts, on the screen and in real rappers’… Continue Reading →

TOP 5 of highly esteemed beatboxers from around the world

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Reggie Watts Reggie Watts perform as a comic, musician, and beatboxer, often combining all in his shows. In the recent past, he made filming, recording Taskmaster, a game show airing on Comedy Central and working with his group Wajatta on… Continue Reading →

Best Spotify Hip-Hop playlists

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Nowadays we don’t need to look for tapes or discs to listen to music. You don’t even need to search your favorite tracks all over the Internet – just find Spotify playlist with a selection of tracks in your favorite… Continue Reading →

Check the amazing release by the awesome Caleb Willoughby

Caleb Willoughby is an artist born in Cape Town, South Africa.  He is what you’d call a natural-born creative, ever since he could remember he has always been involved in the arts. Caleb’s involvement in music started in the first… Continue Reading →

You definitely do not want to miss the last release by the awesome LOW?

Let’s read what this talented artist says about himself: “My name is Kevin Bethea and I’m a New York Rap Artis (based in the Bronx ) I’ve been writing music sense the age of 13 going into 14 but been more passionate About making… Continue Reading →

Check the amazing release ‘Gaia’ by awesome Vernon Rosser

Check the amazing release “Distance” by 2 Tone Drip! It is fire!

After not releasing any music in 2019 and releasing two singles in 2020, 2 Tone Drip is now poised to take over 2021 after recently dropping a follow-up single to his successful single “Bumpin”. Which at the time was his… Continue Reading →

SevenLeafs blows it all with her new track “Pokerface”! You don’t wanna miss it!

Lea Rochelle Lee (born March 2nd, 1987), better known by her stage name SevenLeafs, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer from Seattle, Washington. Lee grew up between Seattle, Washington and California. She performs in multiple musical styles ranging from cloud… Continue Reading →

Manu Francois releases his new single “Fire Love”. The song is fire as his love! Listen to it!

Manu Francois (born September 26th, 1989) is a New Zealand based Mixed Genre Music Artist – rapper, singer-songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and model. Francois was born in St. Lucia. He currently has a distribution deal with Hood & Associates. Francois… Continue Reading →

Check the unbelievably beautiful song “Dancing With A Stranger” by awesome Melody

Melody Sadaf Ghaderi (born November 14th, 1994), better known by her stage name Melody, is a Kurdish-Canadian singer-songwriter and businesswoman from Toronto, Canada. Ghaderi was a finalist in the Miss Canada beauty pageant but dropped out to pursue her music… Continue Reading →

Check the amazing album “Let’s Go! Vol. 3” by awesome JuiceLinggen

JuiceLinggen is a partnership between rappers JR10C and LINGGEN. Their approach is using freestyle techniques as well as meditated lyrics to create a unique rap sound. Most of their records including their debut album Let’s Go! as well as Pt…. Continue Reading →

Check the amazing release “Under Dog” by AWKWARD CONFIDENCE.

Ish Lodda, otherwise known as ‘AWKWARD CONFIDENCE’ on Youtube, is a 23-year-old aspiring rapper. She has recently hit 8.9k views on one of her series, ‘Rapping my Diary’ part 3 (Rapping My Diary 3), and will be featuring in her… Continue Reading →

Choose to be happy with our new Spotify curators playlists!

Music, music, music. It’s always music. It’s everywhere. In the elevator, in the public bathroom, in every shop and bar, every restaurant and gym. Music is in our blood, and for some of us it even is blood. I am… Continue Reading →

Our Spotify playlists are the real solution for you! Check them out!

Do you like music? Sounds like a rhetorical question, anyway, right? If you are reading this than it means you are a true music fan, looking for something new, something fresh. There is no life without music, right? How can… Continue Reading →

Check the unbelievably beautiful song “Jesus is God” by an awesome guy Chris Viii

The Spirit of prophecy effects others in different ways. Kingdom SoulJerz’ CHRIS VIII has released his new single titled “Jesus is God” a direct result of a prophetic manifestation, to God’s glory and honor.  It was spoken over CHRIS VIII’s… Continue Reading →

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