Fonzo shows true courage with ‘For The Kids‘. This is an important message about basic human rights that has turned into a fast-growing movement and is gaining more and more traction each hour.

Rapper and Activist Fonzo is using his voice and following to speak up about the shocking treatment that goes on behind closed doors while kids are in the ‘care’ of US Customs Custody. Too many lives have been needlessly lost and something has to change.

For the Kids‘ is from the upcoming album ‘High Gravity‘ and is a song that you need to hear again and again to support this great cause.

Fonzo has been organizing marches to help spread the word and ‘For The Kids‘ is a song that we can all get behind. The raps are heard with so much passion and you can see and feel the support for change. This is a song that is more about music, this is real life and is so admirable and inspirational. If we work together, we can do anything we set our minds to.

Get your merch here to support more.


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