Aryginal – Pilot

Dayton, OH native, Aryginal, fell in love with the craft at the early age of nine and is often considered hip hop Supremacy in his area. He signed his first two Indie Label deals in the  early 2000s, under which he appeared on 6 studio albums. He launched his current #Twlv4r12ve campaign January 2020 which has him releasing a new single on the 27th of every month, available on all digital platforms. His so far #Twlv4r12ve releases include: “Pilot”, “Go”, “YKTV” feat. Tenkaye, “Bigger”, “A Father’s Eulogy” feat. Feyth M., “Black Ink”, “Bust it Down” feat. Tenkaye, “RPM” feat. Yalee, “Scholarship”, “Logistics” feat. King JR.Rah & Hollywood Sinn, and his most recent release “Lingo” feat. Bowman. He plans to close out his campaign on December 27 with “Series Finale”. Be on the lookout for that one as well.

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