E. Castro – LeBron James

Seattle born, and Renton, Washington raised, E. Castro is finally making his debut out of the Underground music scene in the Northwest. He hit the music scene 4 years ago after going through a 2 year battle with Testicular Cancer. He went into Remission with a new perspective and new understanding that life is short and that he needs to do what makes him fulfilled and that thing was music. He mixes acrobatic raps with cinematic wordplay that paints a picture of his adventures and struggles over the years. It gives an uplifting twist of finding beauty in the struggle and reminds us to trust the process and everything else will handle itself.   While going through his battle with cancer, E. Castro decided to buy his first microphone and download software to record his music. He had no idea what he was doing but he had nothing but time to focus on something besides being sick. During his chemotherapy sessions he would sit and write down full songs and come up with video concepts dreaming of the day he would be well enough to be able to act out his vision.  Finally that day arrived. 2 days before going into his 3rd and final lymph node surgery he decided to call his buddy that is a videographer and pitched to him his vision for a music video. He told him he wanted him to follow him during his last surgery and capture the moments he shared with family and friends no matter what the outcome was. They did exactly that. E. Castro woke up after a 2 year long battle and was finally Cancer free. everything was captured on video and they also had some other video from his chemo sessions that they put together and they dropped the music video for “Young Pharaoh”  E. Castro was officially reborn and he began on his new adventure.   Since then he has dropped a few more music videos, one being his video for “LeBron James” that he shot during Quarantine. He has made a name for himself in the Portland and Seattle music scene and has had a feature from rapper The Game & rapper Sam Lachow.  It seems this is only the first chapter for E. Castro and he has a bright future ahead of himself. As soon as the Covid 19 epidemic calms down he will be doing a tour of the Northwest and then hopefully the rest of the country as venues are opening back up. Stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears peeled for E. Castro.

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