Listen to Kaotic Shock – Triple Threat Texas

Kaotic Shock is an established DJ and music producer from Texas, who is currently residing in the Denver metroplex. In addition to performing at many local nightclubs, Kaotic has released 2 albums and several EPs across a vast array of streaming platforms. In 2019, while working on a political campaign in Washington, D.C., Kaotic Shock produced and recorded the track, “Adams Morgan”.”Adams Morgan” is a song about raising awareness of the lesser known issues of urban communities. While the lyrics of the song do not mention or reflect the views of the gentrified D.C. neighborhood, the song intends to shed a light on the darker problems that plague cities around the world everyday. 

“I produced the beat, and when the beat comes on, it feels like walking down the street in D.C. on a foggy day. I don’t normally rap over my beats, but for this one, I felt compelled to. The vibe caused me to tell a story that had the same power and energy as the beat.” – Kaotic Shock. 

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