It is hard to believe but 2021 is almost over now. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a future for those of us who was born back in late 70s like myself, for example. The time is flying so fast but some most valuable things are always here, like love, friendship and music, of course.

2021 wasn’t easy for many of us and music was our cure, our source of positive energy and strength. But even being wasn’t that ease 2021 was also a year of new beginnings for some of us. For me it was a year when many new beautiful things come true, like my first son (third baby) or my first LP album which is also kind of my baby. But speaking of music I feel like one of my tracks is really special to me. It resonates a lot inside me and also I can see it was very well accepted by those who is looking for positive vibrations like myself. The track is called “Pure Colombian Ice cream”. It was streamed over 140k times on SoundCloud and hit several playlists. I would like to thank you for being with me whole 2021! You are amazing auditory! Let’s  take another chance to check out the Pure Columbian Ice Cream track again before the 2022!