Beatboxing the production element of hip-hop and the art direction to create, and imitate different kinds of noises, sounds and percussion instruments using your voice. The art of creating beats or rhythms using the human mouth.  Beatboxing could be considered as a new art form of stringing sounds together in the proper order creating a rhythm. in combination with rapping elements Beatboxing provide a basis for MC’s.

Beatboxers create the craziest sound using lips, teeth, tongue, throat, nose, and hands. They able to create their beats just normally, but many of the beatboxing effects are improved by using a microphone, this helps the beatboxer to make beatboxing harsh enough to be heard besides other hip-hop artists.

Beatboxing was popular in the 1980s with famous artists like the Darren “Buffy, the Human Beat Box” Robinson of the Fat Boys and Biz Markie.

In a certain way, modern beatboxing became popular thanks to the internet. Alex Tew inaugurated the first online community of beatboxers in 2000 under the name of HUMAN BEATBOX. In 2001,  A member of this community, Gavin Tyte, produced the world’s first tutorials and video lessons on beatboxing. And in 2003, the community got the world’s first Human Beatbox Convention in London,  beatbox artists were asked from all over the world.


What’s cool about the beatboxing is I was so afraid to sing in front of my peers, my parents, anybody. I just wouldn’t do it. So in sixth grade, I would turn to beatboxing because it made me feel better. Like, I can beatbox ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’ Doing that a bunch of times eventually gave me the confidence to sing in front of people.

Charlie Puth

Beatboxing as the art form continues to increase and the global community is still risinп, Combining with a lot of variations artists creating new techniques and sounds of beatboxing.