Jaden Daron Daniels (born March 16, 2003). Better known as Vgl Pisces, Vgl, VG, Big VG, MR VGL (formerly known as Jaden The Greatest, Jaden The YouTuber in (2017), Jmoney Sonny in (2018), Dinero Hijo in (2019), SOB Hijo in (2020- Early 2021), Tomtalo in Mid (2021), Sonny Jmoney in late (2021- Early 2022), & Eukke (2022) is an American Entrepreneur, Artist, Producer, Fashion Designer,

Proud VeganPisces Teacher, AstrologyZodiac Signs Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Social Media Influencer, Engineer, and Investor, along with many other titles from Niagara Falls, New York.

He is best known for his albums under the alliance Eukke “Aquarius“ (2022), “Aquarius P2” (2022), “Pisces” (2022) “Pisces II” (2022), “Pisces III (celebrities)” (2022), “Pisces IV (the final chapter)” & Vgl Pisces “The 12 Houses of Astrology” (2023), along with several albums & singles named after each of the 12 astrology zodiac signs dating from (2022-Present), Instagram presence @vglpisces with 25k followers as of March 2023, & Spotify presence @vglpisces with over 300k streams within this year (2023).

Personal Life

Well, besides stating “Vgl’s” birthday, birthplace, schools attended, sports participated in, former names, jobs, & latest music releases, there really isn’t anything else as far as “Vgl’s” personal life that we are aware of besides the names and projects that were released under his former names so with that being said here’s “Vgl’s” Discography down below.

Check out Vgl Pisce’s newest single, “Great Grandmother Georgia,” OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS, along with his most recent 23 tracklist album “The 12 Houses of Astrology” February 17, 2023, & singles “Vgl Pisces 20th V Day” March 16, 2023, “Creed III” March 3, 2023, “3 2003 Type Beats” March 3, 2023, “2 2003 Type Beats” February 3, 2023.