Let’s read what the artist says:

“I’m the youngest on my block to do it, My name is Akrebel007 and I’m from Harlem for those who don’t know the land of the hustlers. Don’t think I’m Spanish, I’m straight-up African don’t let the looks deceive you, all my life I wanted to be like the older dudes on the block who was making it out the hood. I followed bad and good examples in my life but it thought me to be the illest nigga in my book. I do this for nothing but the culture and my family. To me there’s nothing more important when you hear my music know it’s coming from a deep dark place that just needs a little shinning This 007 General Peace and Strength Ya’ll”

My girl is supermodel @Ray.dilla 
My I.G is @ak.b007
Facebook is Adrien Mami