Here is Da Differance a necessary change artist/entrepreneur, visionary Philosopher, and true believer of life to always push yourself to limits beyond any man/woman/others/capabilities.

Dominican American From Harlem, New York. Our sound spreads from Hip Hop – Latin, a mixture and blend of new sounds and mellow to – high energy, intense message towards greatness. Writing a new song daily with dedication, hard work, and an abundance mentality.

Releasing two singles in 2022, Have had a few radios plays you can find our music on all major platforms Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and any latest projects we come out with.

You can also look forward and check out any sneak previews on our social media platforms. 

Here are some of our core beliefs, and if this resonates with you, then definitely tune in a refreshing alive to your ears.  

“Greater than >

Learn something new everyday 
Secure the bag daily
Be better than you were yesterday
Reach success without hindering the progress of anyone else 
Avid believer in staying in my own lane (So…Stay in your own lane) 

A Provider

“Pave your own lane in life

Always moving FWD” ——->>