This guy’s energy is simply INSANE! On his most recent project entitled “THE BIGGEST” he executively produces ALL the tracks on the 8 song album & even gives us a Gangsta Grillz feel by talking over the intro of tracks 1,4, & 6. We asked the 22-Year-old DJ about what inspired this project & he told us “Honestly, in my opinion, it was an easy way to get artists on my beats. I produce the track, get the studio session lined up, & when the song is done I can spin the record in the clubs. Can’t beat that.”  This album is literally oozing with raw talent. A few of the featured artists we’ve heard of, but even the few names that didn’t instantly ring a bell when we played the track we loved them. DJ TP mentioned to us the deluxe version of the album as well as a Chopped & Screwed version of all the tracks were set to release soon. “I thought I had a date in mind for the deluxe, but when I saw the numbers for the project, I said Nah. Let’s just wait until we hit a certain amount of streams.” We also asked about his history with chopped & screwed music & he mentioned “I honestly don’t have a history-making chopped & screwed music per-say, but I’ve always known what it was, I’m from the south. I enjoy listening to screw music, I’ll catch myself late at night just riding out to old screw tapes on YouTube or maybe Sauce Walka screw music, it’s just cool as f*ck to me & I want to make my own version of it.” Check out “THE BIGGEST” on Spotify & Apple Music executively produced & hosted by DJ TP.