In the new music industry, playlist placement has become an integral part of promoting musicians and a solid streaming placement can often inspire an artist to great success.

Spotify and Apple Music Playlist submission has become an important part of producing flow for you as an artist. It has always been an effective way to promote songs and complete work as long as you are known on various platforms.

The Apple Music platform offers almost no advertising opportunities. Every public playlist displayed in the application is curated either by experts from Apple’s editorial team or by professionals who work with Apple. Unlike the Spotify platform, no third-party public curators are permitted. This makes it almost impossible to share your music with the playlist owner unless you have a direct connection to the editor. You also need to know how to get on a Spotify playlist and attract the attention of the music industry.

Millions of people use Spotify and Apple Music to listen to their favorite music. Many new artists have been added to the Spotify and Apple Music playlists, which have recently increased the engagement of their viewers and social media.

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How to get to the Spotify and Apple Music playlist so your audience can listen to your music?

To deal with Spotify, you need to send songs to the Spotify curator or playlist aggregator for your niche music. After the aggregator checks your music, it will be added to the playlist. Free queries are good, but you can’t expect to get thousands and thousands of games from them.

You have to collaborate with other new artists when creating playlists. You feature them on your playlist and they return the favor. Tell your followers online and on social media news artists’ careers can take off if they can get featured on Spotify or Apple music. Please, be sure that you know how to share a playlist on Apple Music.

To get a Spotify playlist placement, you must contact the organic Spotify advertising company. Good Spotify advertising company gets your songs with various playlists, DJs, blogs, email lists, and blogs.

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Implementing through Spotify is a little different from implementing SoundCloud or promoting music on YouTube because most of the components go to the right playlist, blog, or email list.