We know that getting access to these curators might be difficult and that is why we have decided to put everything in place for you. Playlists curators are busy people who have to attend to hundreds or thousands of emails from original sources. So, if you don’t have a personal connection with them it may be extremely difficult to get noticed among the swarm of mails. 

Also, there are thousands of playlists on Spotify and you are probably uncertain about the best one that will push your music promotion to the desired target. To identify the best playlist choices, you’d need to spend all your time combing through the streaming platform. Since it may be too much work for you, we can help out. 

Unlike other placement services that charge a hefty fee only to include you on old playlists, we offer a well-designed marketing service on Spotify. We are constantly aware of the best playlists and have a great relationship with curators to guarantee streams, royalties and listeners for your music. This way, you can hands-off promotion and focus on putting your best into composing and recording. 

Promotion Also Includes Playlist Pitching To Your Target Audience

So, what comes next after featuring on a top playlist? Take a deep breath. The next thing you need would be playlist pitching. Every hot playlist needs users to listen to them. Playlist pitching will send the playlist out to the right target audience and ensure that they pay it due attention. The effects of a great ” pitch” are far-reaching.