For every artist, it is essential to have their music on different big platforms. It gives a massive amount of opportunities. Especially if you are a beginner, it will be an enormous step for you in your career. First of all, different people around the world can get access to your music. And if they like it, they will want to listen to your other songs. Hence you will gain new fans and enlarge your audience. And what is most interesting is that your music will reach people from different places. And after some time, you will notice how your music becomes popular, and different people start to follow you.

We will try to present all the useful tips on how to get your music on the biggest playlists. If you are a beginner artist, then probably it may seem a little bit hard at first. There are many sources for useful information that you need to research about playlists. If you research a lot and work hard, I am sure you will successfully add your music to big playlists. Below, you will find the full guide for getting your music on the biggest playlists.

A Full Guide on How To Get on One of the Biggest Spotify Playlist: RapCaviar

Today, Spotify has millions of users who want to listen to quality music. So, it is a considerable platform to distribute your music and gain an audience. A lot of artists became popular with the help of Spotify. And there are hundreds of features which help to promote young artist’s music. One of the biggest playlists on Spotify is RapCaviar. It has about 11 million followers. So imagine how you can benefit from being on that playlist.

Below you will find the critical tips on how to add your music on hip hop playlists.

Plan the Release of Your Music Strategically

In order to gain the attention of Spotify hip hop playlist curators, you need to be very strategic with your releases. It means that you need to work hard and create enough releases so that the Spotify algorithm suggests your music. There are artists who release a song once a year, and then they don’t create anything. If you regularly release songs, Spotify hip hop playlist curators will perceive you as a consistent artist. Remember to keep high quality and work hard to release successful music.

Contact with Famous and Successful RapCaviar Artists

Today, there are many talented artists who are very popular on the platform. In addition to this, their music is part of RapCaviar, and they have a vast audience. Some of these artists are Mustard, Gucci Mane, Quavo, etc. Contacting them for a feature will be an easy way to gain popularity. But of course, it may not be cheap. You can also ask them questions about distribution, hip hop playlists, labels, marketing agencies, etc.

Attract Spotify Team

You should get creative and try to attract the Spotify team. Spotify hip hop playlist curators should notice you, in order to add your song on playlists. You can reach them by asking different questions. Also, you can mention them on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. But, always remember that there are millions of people who try to contact them daily. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to do something unique and creative. So, know that curators may not notice you at first. But if you stay creative, eventually they will notice you.

Get Your Music on RapLife: One of the Most Famous Apple Music Playlists

Apple music is another huge streaming platform. Artists dream about adding their music to the best apple music playlists. RapLife is one of the most well known and biggest playlists. It includes the best hip hop songs which curators have chosen very carefully. So, as you may have already understood, it will not be easy to add your music to RapLife.

Create a Quality Music

Creating quality music should be your number one priority always. Playlist curators choose all the songs very carefully. So in order to be part of the best apple music playlist, you should make good music. Apple music pays massive attention to the promotion of hip hop music and artists. So if you create high-quality music, then the curators will notice it and add your music on the best apple music playlists.

RapLife is going to expand and suggest different promotional features. Apple music plans to partner with different big music companies. So for every artist, it will be a huge opportunity to be featured in such a playlist.

Have a Verified Profile

Verification is a significant part, so pay a lot of attention to it. If you are a verified artist on streaming platforms, then the terms are different for you. There are many features for verified artists. And most importantly, you others will perceive you as a serious artist. So, if you are not a verified artist yet, get your verification right now.

Work with Distributors

Today, many distributing companies may help you to contact curators. They are professionals and know how the platforms and industry works. For example, many artists don’t have enough time to deal with the process. So they will be beneficial, especially in the beginning, to attract curators. But, choose wisely the distributing company, because not every company is professional.

To Sum Everything Up

In the 21st century, there are many opportunities for artists. A couple of years ago, it was harder for artists to reach a new audience. With the help of all streaming platforms, today, you can create beautiful music, and promote it. So be sure that you have enough knowledge of all the platforms. The information will help you to get the most out of all the features. In addition to this, examine the road of success of other artists. You will gain a lot of important information, which will help you to make the right steps. So make good music, and be sure that curators will notice your music.