iWill & PUKA aka Will Cunningham and Nora Milton is a Male and Female rap duo reigning from Northern California. Their nostalgic flow, masterful lyricism, and west coast influenced sound is making noise in more than 20 countries across the world with just one single out.

iWill aka Will Cunningham spends most of his time on his Software Company—AGUA Technology aside from being a recording artist. His proprietary software allows radio listeners to purchase directly from their car infotainment system and cell phone through an interactive ad platform and smartphone app. His team has successfully raised the six figures needed to build the software and have plans on launching Beta Test in Q-3/Q-4 of 2022 where users can download the app. AGUA has also issued their own cryptocurrency called the Wah Wah Token to assist in further funding the overall project. After being interviewed, CEO iWill says, “if crypto dies tomorrow, it won’t affect the Wah Wah token. Our cryptocurrency has a utility backing it”. You can find more information about the Wah Wah token and AGUA at www.agua.technology.

PUKA aka Nora Milton has invested in AGUA since its establishment in 2018 and spends most of her time in her role as Executive VP and Creative Director aside from being the studio. In her spare time, she’s focused on her small business, making and selling deodorant, as well as other body care products and merch. You can find her store at www.mudandmilk.com.

Both artists serendipitously were born in San Francisco, CA, and made their way to the North Bay byways of Santa Rosa, CA where they met in 2017. After years of friendship, rapping together as a hobby, and their mutual love for Hip Hop, they decided to make an official collaboration as a Rap Duo and release their first single, “BOOM BAP BACK” in late December 2021. This record already has more than 250k streams collectively and counting. The single can be found on most major platforms such as YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more.

The two plan on releasing more music this year, “TBA”. Be sure to follow both iWill and PUKA on all social media so you can find out when they’re releasing their new music and updates on the AGUA software company.

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