Now starting to build a buzz in the local Detroit rap scene. Jcflacco is ready to push the boundaries of the music industry. His music agility is groundbreaking and refreshing to the ear, which always guarantees something new when he steps into the recording booth. From cutting-edge boom-bap flows to catchy melodies, Jcflacco makes music that can resonate with just about anybody without sacrificing his authenticity. For the young MC, music started as a hobby but after being kicked out of his parent’s house and having multiple encounters with the law he decided to take it seriously. 

What he says about his new release: “These past couple of weeks I’ve been having my own internal battle and coming to terms with the loss of my best friend has not been easy. Whether it be mentally or physically we all struggle in one way or another. Reflecting on my feelings helps me look at them from a heightened perspective and by doing so I learn how to channel them into powerful lyrics. By overcoming the struggles in life, we evolve into stronger versions of ourselves equipped with the confidence to face more challenges. That is the essence of my song “Perspective”. “

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