Hailing from Texas, the versatile rapper KahMenCents has released the lyrically motivating bop “All I Ever Do” as part of his thought-provoking, eight-track album, ‘Yo Cazperr.’ The backtrack of “All I Ever Do” bares a minimalistic elegance and allows for KahMenCents to spotlight his enticing rapping and epigrammatic lyricism that is splashed with refreshing amounts of wit and confidence.

The intoxicating soundscape consists of a silky xylophone melody that is logically layered within a lo-fi beat that radiates flavors of R&B and trap. KahMenCents showcases his ear for instrumentation by using yarn mallets for the xylophone melody, which creates a soft and echoing sound that fades seamlessly into the background.

The Texas-born artist boasts a deep, gravelly voice that can be compared to the authoritative and influential tone of The Notorious B.I.G. As he transitions between certain points of emphasis in his verses, the dynamic production adapts to the tone in order to complement his lyrical messages. With the ultimate goal of bringing authenticity and honesty to his songwriting, KahMenCents uses “All I Ever Do” as an opportunity to radiate his message of perseverance.

KahMenCents shares his experience of overcoming endless obstacles and dealing with trauma in order to accomplish his goals. Towards the end of “All I Ever Do,” the trap beat is removed from the backtrack leaving only the xylophone melody, allowing KahMenCents’ introspective verses to resonate with the listener