Just at 19 years old, MXWI has released 2 albums, a smash-hit single “Honesty”, which gained over a million streams, and has directed multiple short films. The multi-talented artist is a soon-to-be star at any moment and we’re here to report it first. 

The creative ideas in music are no longer confined to known norms. Burgeoning Egyptian artist, MXWI (Ali Al Faramawi) put together a dreamy soundscape made up of the different elements of contemporary soul, pop and R&B 

His latest album, “Toxicity” lays the cornerstone of the kind of music that has a tremendous effect on our mind and souls.

MXWI’s album is made up of relatable sagas that illustrate the different quadrants of his life experience in mellifluous fashion. 

The 19 year old singer’s sublime voice and creative ability elevate the albums overall personality to serve as a catalyst for a musical resurgence. 

Each track on the 10-track album presents distinctive melodic elements that highlights his astonishing abilities. 

Born and raised in Dubai, UAE. MXWI has always had a passion for music. Completely independent and self sustained, Ali has produced everything himself with the help of a few of his friends.  

You will be immersed in MXWI’s imagination for about thirty-six minutes. Between the vocals, outstanding melodies and nostalgic thoughts, “Toxicity” is a heavenly composition worthy of attention and appreciation. 

The raw talent and honesty of MXWI has really shines through on this new album.

Stream MXWI’s newest album “Toxicity” here: https://linktr.ee/fxrxmxwi 

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