Pauline Frechette’s latest single, “My Father’s Song”, is a loving tribute full of tender emotion and warm feelings. The song touches the heart and gives expression to the special connection between Pauline and her father. Frechette’s heartfelt vocal performance and lyrics help communicate this special connection with love and respect. This feeling is further supported and enhanced by a soft and delicate musical arrangement. “My Father’s Song” also has a feeling of nostalgia and gives us a glimpse of how much Frechette cares for her dad.    

The song begins with a smoothly picked acoustic guitar followed by a layer of soothing strings performed with a synthesizer. After a brief musical introduction, we hear Frechette deliver a gliding melody along with the thoughtful lines, “Soft sings my heart / For the pain in his life / For the love in his soul / He gave my world light”. As the verse progresses, wind instruments are layered in creating a whimsical dimension in the music. Harmonica is also layered in throughout the song and is the central element creating the nostalgic feeling that permeates the arrangement. 

Frechette reaches down deep for the chorus and delivers a stirring vocal performance that just might give you the goosebumps. Under the topline, we hear acoustic guitar, strings, harmonica, and wind instruments providing a light and complementary support to Pauline’s delicate yet powerful voice. In my view, Frechette’s vocal delivery is where much of the song’s appeal rests. The song’s other elements play their roles well and allow the melody and lyrics to shine like a rare jewel.   

Between the first and second chorus, a finger-picked guitar solo is delivered with serene ease. The solo offers a tender and thoughtful pause from the vocals while harmonizing with the central feeling that runs through the song. This harmonization is one reason “My Father’s Song” holds together so well. Each element of the song seamlessly blends with the others without any friction. The song is very easy and relaxing to listen to and the harmonious relationship between the various elements is why. 

The production quality of “My Father’s Song” is yet another aspect of the song that brings value. I particularly enjoy the way the vocals are mixed. The combination of compression, EQ, and reverb come together to give us a clear image of the stellar quality in Frechette’s voice. In addition, the musical elements are perfectly placed in the stereo field allowing the listener to hear the definition in each instrument all while maintaining a seamless harmony between each sound.    

“My Father’s Song” comes on the heels of Frechette’s incredible EP “A Winter’s Tale”. She also has more music which will soon be released. If you’d like to learn more about Pauline Frechette, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’d like to listen to “My Father’s Song” or any of Pauline’s wonderful music you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and most places music is streamed or sold.