Let’s read what this talented artist says about himself:

“My name is Kevin Bethea and I’m a New York Rap Artis (based in the Bronx ) I’ve been writing music sense the age of 13 going into 14 but been more passionate About making beats more but I do love to Write when my mind gets full of creative ideas, I’ve loved music my whole life thanks to my mom for always playing them old school jams I learned so much from the music she played and that made me wanted to music at a young age but when I heard that bitchs ain’t shit song by Dre and snoop that beat and the song it self had me known that this is what I wanna do in life and ever sense I’ve been wanting to do this as my career. 

My first project is called before that dark tunnel because not a lot of people be happy when you reach for success as they say they are so I honestly wanted to name my first project before the dark tunnel because the light we stand in keep us from seeing what’s really in front of us this project has 7 tracks/songs it’s about My life surroundings and the energy I receive from people.”

Here you can check his last release – https://low.hearnow.com/