Za Cung Thu known professionally as Zelo Cung, is Chin State Rapper and Songwriter; he started rapping at the age of 16 and wrote his own song; he is in a Hip Hop Group called KLMN, which he founded the group in 2016 with his friends and also start his own record label KLMN ENTERTAINMENT.

Zelo Cung started making music when he was 16 with his crew/group called KLMN and released their first song on January,2,2017(kan Herh Remix), which didn’t get views that much at that time but Zelo and his group kept making music and write a song, and they release their first Chin hit song(Hmun Lo Biakam in English Broken Promise) with Van T Thang. He is also known as Chino Vonn now because he officially changed his name to Chino Vonn in 2021, and since then, Van T Thang(Chino Vonn) and Zelo Cung linked up and kept making music, and they released a MIXTAPE together in 2018.

Zelo also released a lot of other single songs like Gone Remix with Chino Vonn, Minu with Lian Dawt Cung, which he is also in the group(KLMN), Muidawh Te with his group, and in 2019 Feb 5, Zelo Cung and his group released a single hit Much Better featuring Tbawi Lian which has almost 1 million streams on Spotify and his also release a single song Doh with one of Filipino artist ZoZo featuring Tbawi Lian. Zelo also worked with King Lai; King Lai dropped his Chin hit song ‘Shawty I Know’ on 2021 Aug 27, which featured Zelo Cung on the song, and on 2021 Dec 23, Zelo released his first solo single, Chin hit song”Zaan Dai” and also release two other single like Still and NORTH$iDE, and in 2022 Feb 11 Zelo Cung and Chino Vonn release their collaborative album ‘Dying To Live’ which include two hit song like CBlock and A Thug Love Song, and in 2023 Jan 17 Zelo Cung and one of the new hottest Chin artist Lian Lian drop their single hit Black Sheep.