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TOP 5 of highly esteemed beatboxers from around the world

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Reggie Watts Reggie Watts perform as a comic, musician, and beatboxer, often combining all in his shows. In the recent past, he made filming, recording Taskmaster, a game show airing on Comedy Central and working with his group Wajatta on… Continue Reading →

Revolution of Hip-hop culture

Hip Hop has had an amazing influence on the black community in America. Hip-hop is not just music, it is a culture. Over the past decades, that has reflected interests of a huge group of people. But also from another… Continue Reading →

Beatboxing as a new art form of human-made sounds

Beatboxing the production element of hip-hop and the art direction to create, and imitate different kinds of noises, sounds and percussion instruments using your voice. The art of creating beats or rhythms using the human mouth.  Beatboxing could be considered… Continue Reading →

Best Spotify Hip-Hop playlists

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Nowadays we don’t need to look for tapes or discs to listen to music. You don’t even need to search your favorite tracks all over the Internet – just find Spotify playlist with a selection of tracks in your favorite… Continue Reading →

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