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LooWop has blown it all away with his new single “Dark Tint”. Check it out!

LooWop CEO/President Owner of KashJunkieMOB GlitchGang Born an raised in Norfolk, Virginia LooWop was born on the date of November 8, 1994 Growing up in the hard streets of Norfolk Virginia Loowop became a entrepreneur creating an starting his own… Continue Reading →

Pauline Frechette releases “My Father’s Song”. Check it out! So honest. So true.

Pauline Frechette’s latest single, “My Father’s Song”, is a loving tribute full of tender emotion and warm feelings. The song touches the heart and gives expression to the special connection between Pauline and her father. Frechette’s heartfelt vocal performance and… Continue Reading →

Jaysenlazy releases his amazing single “Starlight”. Check it out!

With a long history of iconic rappers Jaysenlazy is proud to call Compton home. Just a kid from Compton, Jaysenlazy grew up running the streets and writing rhymes. His love for hustling and music has led him on a natural… Continue Reading →

Young and inspired – meet rising star Mason

Mason is a 19, grew up playing video really influenced by games, started making music  on a iPhone and stuff nothing too crazy but I started taking it serious when had the passion for it, biggest inspiration is Drake, Travis… Continue Reading →

Talented and unrepeatable – check out Cisco Edosma on Soundcloud

Cisco Edosma known professionally as sacboyadvntr (pronounced “sac” or “sacboy”) is a Filipino rapper, singer, record producer, digital artist and new to making hyperpop music from SoundCloud He released his first track ##Repercussions :3 on May 22, 2021, in just… Continue Reading →

Acculkid releases his amazing track called “I said No”! You definitely want to check it out!

Accu is also known as Acculkid( A cool kid) discovered his love for rap at a very young age by engaging in underground rap battles in high school and later on at his college dormitory as well. Growing up, he… Continue Reading →

All your musical needs are finally satisfied by our new Spotify curators playlists!

Music, music, music. It’s always music. It’s everywhere. In the elevator, in the public bathroom, in every shop and bar, every restaurant and gym. Music is in our blood, and for some of us it even is blood. I am… Continue Reading →

Supreme Grundy releases his new single called “Gettin’ it”. You definitely want to check it out!

Supreme Grundy is a young Nigerian artist that’s breaking into the hip-hop scenes worldwide, he released WARM-UP EP last year and is back this year to release the follow-up song to his most successful song from the project “go get… Continue Reading →

We have a real bomb for you! It is something that you don’t wanna miss!

Do you like music? Sounds like a rhetorical question, anyway, right? If you are reading this than it means you are a true music fan, looking for something new, something fresh. There is no life without music, right? How can… Continue Reading →

Check the terrific new release “RED and BLUE” by the Attorneys with Swag

Founded in 2019, Attorneys with Swag is a group of young passionate minority attorneys and educators with one mission: empower the masses with an understanding of the law. The group of five consists of EUGENE D. TOUSSAINT (CEO, Producer and… Continue Reading →

G Boogiie releases “BLM” Feat. Fedarro. Check it out!

We are always excited to receive tracks that we can’t label or place in a specific box. We think this kind of artistic behavior will save music and help it go further.  “BLM” is caught our full attention from start to… Continue Reading →

Melroze releases his new super cool single called ‘MULA’. Check it out!

Melroze is a Glasgow based artist making waves his hometown, around Scotland and the UK. Over the past few years Melroze has developed a very unique style through hard work and persistence and has been very versatile in his time… Continue Reading →

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