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Listen to Kumari D’Shay-THIEF IN THE NIGHT

New single: Dreams To a Reality by PJ Becker

Listen to the new single by Aaron Singleton – ANTIHERO

I’m Aaron Singleton hailing from Mid City, Los Angeles under the moniker ODI/SirGNDM, Owner, Artist and Producer of Independent Label ‘Unique Terrestrial’. As a west coast artist my lyricism and production play between philosophy, wit, and pop culture over cinematic or… Continue Reading →

Listen To The New Hip Hop Bomb From A Rising Star

Sirrom is an fast rising star from Clanton Alabama. His hit single Big Ole Hater has amassed over 200 thousand streams on all platforms combined. Fans have been asking Sirrom what is next after his single. He released some snippets… Continue Reading →


There has been plenty of anticipation for activist and hip hop artist FONZO’s sophomore single after his debut single, ‘For the Kids’, dropped in 2020 as part of his ‘No More Kids in Cages’ campaign. He hasn’t forgotten his social responsibility in his latest single, POWER… Continue Reading →

Listen to Wooked – Where She Goin’

Wooked is an emerging Hip-Hop Artist with a very unique background. His background is…well we don’t really know, his face remains hidden and may be for the foreseeable future. The only things we really know about him is what he… Continue Reading →

Insanely Catchy Song! JAZZMINA

Dominic Kelly, an American songwriter and composer’s new song JAZZMINA is gaining big momentum on Spotify and Apple Music.​ Jazzmina Official Music Video on YouTube: Feature the pop-lock dancing of Rebeca “LadyTron” Tomescu. Dominic is well known for his… Continue Reading →

Listen to hip hop artist Choppa tee

Choppa tee hottest out of pompano beach fl

New track: Mr. Wastedd – “OnlyFans”

Mr. Wastedd releases a brand new track called “OnlyFans” from his last single in 2017 this is a brand new sound for the artist.

Listen to rapper Deus

Baton Rouge-based rapper Deus embraces rock and punk influences to create an innovative modern sound that is soulful, eclectic, sometimes heart-wrenching, and always hopeful. A gifted lyrical storyteller, the young artist has caught the attention of hip hop fans in… Continue Reading →

Listen to J Ham – Pink Eggs and Ham

J Ham is a 25-year-old rapper from Minneapolis, MN. Although pink is his color of choice, it isn’t a reason to question his motives in the rap game. He still comes with fire & perseverance that shows his toughness &… Continue Reading →

Editors’ choice: El Gordo Gonzales

Our editors’ choice. An interesting musician of different genres. Each of his singles sounds new, unusually fresh. A mysterious artist from the UK. We have prepared a selection of his best works in our opinion. Down by the River Down… Continue Reading →

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