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D-VOC AKA DIRTY VOCALS: standing out

This artist goes by the name of D-VOC AKA DIRTY VOCALS, an aspiring artist from Greenville NC. Already making music and developing his own sound for over 15 years. He feels like he has what it takes to make it… Continue Reading →

KING MILEST has proven he is not like an average artist

KING MILEST 26 year old American rapper, songwriter and producer from Atlanta has been making moves and creating a spark in the industry. The Omaha native has been playing guitar and working in the studio since he was 8 years… Continue Reading →

MXWI’s latest album “Toxicity”

Just at 19 years old, MXWI has released 2 albums, a smash-hit single “Honesty”, which gained over a million streams, and has directed multiple short films. The multi-talented artist is a soon-to-be star at any moment and we’re here to… Continue Reading →

Talented and unrepeatable – check out Cisco Edosma on Soundcloud

Cisco Edosma known professionally as sacboyadvntr (pronounced “sac” or “sacboy”) is a Filipino rapper, singer, record producer, digital artist and new to making hyperpop music from SoundCloud He released his first track ##Repercussions :3 on May 22, 2021, in just… Continue Reading →

We have a real bomb for you! It is something that you don’t wanna miss!

Do you like music? Sounds like a rhetorical question, anyway, right? If you are reading this than it means you are a true music fan, looking for something new, something fresh. There is no life without music, right? How can… Continue Reading →

New Music From Up-And-Coming Stars – Listen On ‘Fire Emoji’ Playlist

Last week was full of exciting news and releases from prominent artists in hip hop modern world. Friday was celebrated by exclusive drops from some real players. By that we mean the deluxe edition of collaborative album Pluto x Baby Pluto… Continue Reading →

Hip Hop Music Promotion: Thundercat & Ariana Grande Performed Together To Honor Mac Mille

Two years ago, on September 7th, influential rapper, Grammy owner, talented songwriter and record producer Mac Miller passed away. The reason was an accidental drugs overdose. It was the immense pain for his friend, musician Thundercat. Mac Miller was an… Continue Reading →

JOYRYDE’s debut studio album “BRAVE”

Arguably one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the year, JOYRYDE’s debut studio album “BRAVE,” has arrived via HARD Records. Since emerging in 2016, JOYRYDE has dominated the dance music realm. Influenced by his roots in the UK, the producer… Continue Reading →

Listen to Allocai – Cloud9

“Burnin” claims the Top 5

Alekz Rush´s`”Burnin” claims the Top 5 spot on this week’s Official iTunes Dance Charts, as the club track continues to build on the charts, radio and online. Tracks like “Burnin” are the reason why I started reviewing, and I still… Continue Reading →

New release Guy – Stay Away

Last week, Guy released Stay Away, his second single and most daring theme to date. It was received with great enthusiasm by followers on his Spotify, Instagram and Youtube channels, and it is already making waves in iTunes. Being a… Continue Reading →

Listen to Ishaan Jolly

After releasing three songs; Bang!, Hypnosyss, and Wake TF Up, Ishaan Jolly is planning to do his first new album, currently named “Premiere” (Album Art Below).  The inspiration behind his music is mainly a passion for learning how to make… Continue Reading →

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