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Rising Hip Hop Royalty IandI: A Force in Music and Social Activism

A  New York City native, Jason Williams otherwise known as IandI started composing poems at the age of ten, not stepping into a recording studio until he was 16. He is not far from rap royalty when it comes to… Continue Reading →

Bad Ass Nerd Gang releases fire track “Whats My Lane”

Every era has an artist that brings out something unique, innovative, and authentic. Bad Ass Nerd Gang is the prime example of an artist defined by raw talent and authenticity. An enigma, Bad Ass Nerd Gang belongs at the center… Continue Reading →

DJ Tweak drops an insane Hip Hop set at Foxtail in Pittsburgh

DJ Tweak, a Pittsburgh Native, dropped an insane hip hop set this past weekend at Foxtail in his hometown of Pittsburgh.  Tweak, best known for his multi-genre creative blends and his wordplay and toneplay custom edits had the place going… Continue Reading →

Check out new viral tape from LA talents!

Two up and coming Los Angeles based music labels @44sounds_ & @ohboient drop a joint mixtape 44OBE The Mixtape Vol. 1. @tony_jones @mr_ohboi @itzdejavu2u @g_swift_ & @dye_a_log all come together to deliver hard hitting, electrifying bars to generate more that… Continue Reading →

“Moe Did The Right Thing” – discover notorious Hip Hop sounds from the 90s

In an attempt to bring back the notorious HipHop sound it’s safe to say that “Moe Did The Right Thing”Artist M.3.P has been quietly bringing back a sound that we haven’t heard since the Golden Age Era, Hip Hop. If… Continue Reading →


Music, music, music. It’s always music. It’s everywhere. In the elevator, in the public bathroom, in every shop and bar, every restaurant and gym. Music is in our blood, and for some of us it even is blood. I am… Continue Reading →

Young and inspired – meet rising star Mason

Mason is a 19, grew up playing video really influenced by games, started making music  on a iPhone and stuff nothing too crazy but I started taking it serious when had the passion for it, biggest inspiration is Drake, Travis… Continue Reading →

Talented and unrepeatable – check out Cisco Edosma on Soundcloud

Cisco Edosma known professionally as sacboyadvntr (pronounced “sac” or “sacboy”) is a Filipino rapper, singer, record producer, digital artist and new to making hyperpop music from SoundCloud He released his first track ##Repercussions :3 on May 22, 2021, in just… Continue Reading →

Listen To The New Hip Hop Bomb From A Rising Star

Sirrom is an fast rising star from Clanton Alabama. His hit single Big Ole Hater has amassed over 200 thousand streams on all platforms combined. Fans have been asking Sirrom what is next after his single. He released some snippets… Continue Reading →

“Loyalty Is A Lifestyle”- rapper Akeem Magnetic

Akeem Magnetic was Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and raised in the South Side of Atlanta known as College Park, Georgia. Akeem developed a passion for music at a very young age with, inspiration from his father and uncle. With Akeem’s… Continue Reading →

Listen to Sir Don Wayne

Growing up in the hood as a kid everybody wanted to be someone. I wanted to generate money so I could take care of my family. I feel the music industry can help me achieve my main objective in life…. Continue Reading →

Listen to WøLF – Fading moon

Fresh from the dmv , WøLF is an 18 rapper/ singer who puts it upon himself to talk about real topics of everyday teenage life, going into the harsh adulthood. He is a soulful  with tones of beauty through his… Continue Reading →

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