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After the success of their first single called “Wakademia”, The Tradesmen got inspired to work hard on their second release. So already in late May the song “Coffin Ships” was released on Spotify to the pleasure of the fans of the aspiring group.
The Tradesmen perform in mixed genres easily recognizable by the singer’s melodic baritone and the band’s meaningful lyrics.
“Coffin Ships” is a heart-breaking indie-rock ballad about Irish emigration. It is both relevant as a personal and artistic insight into this particular moment in history but also as a lesson for today’s world where famine and exploitation are forcing people to relocate around the globe.
The song is rapidly gaining popularity amongst its listeners on different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and Tidal.

To be part of the early wave of fans of a band that might be hugely popular tomorrow, give the track a listen now: