Rapper №1. A combination of readers and vocal students from Dionn-Osborn, who also feel that he feels he made Drake a star before his debut album came out.

Mini “SoFarGone” became gold and was named the best rap album of 2010. All subsequent albumsDreama waited and the same fate. The first full-length album “ThankMeLater”, released in the summer of 2010, confirmed the birth of a new star. The album includes 14 songs, including the gentle “TheResistance”, the melancholic “Fancy” and, of course, “FindYouLove”, in which Draikunikalno sang vocals with a leisurely beat.

Lyrical Drake was neither black nor white, he sang more than he read and balanced on the thin line that separates art from vulgarity.

Next came TakeCare, their party-hip-hop, which, contrary to speculation, is a very conservative subculture, was forced to adopt new rules of the game. The third record “NothingWastheSame” unconditionally became the best album of 2013 and impressed the audience with its emotional power, the revelation of a man who does not even try to seem brutal, as is customary in the hop-hop culture. Here Drake is tremendously sincere. He can afford to seem weak and vulnerable. The album was created with the participation of old friends of Drake Noah “40” Shebibai and DionnOsborn.