Brandon Bamba Is A 18 Year Old, Well-Known Gospel Artist Originating Out Of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. From A Young Age Brandon Took Hold of The Microphone and Began Developing His Unique Gifts Of Singing and Rapping. Growing Up In A Bad Neighborhood Wasn’t Easy For Brandon’s Family. “Sometimes we would struggle. Going to food pantries, doing what we could to get by. My parents always found a way to provide. I do this for them.” Brandon Said In A Recent Interview. As Brandon Reached His Adolescent Years He Would Write and Record Music, and He Even Performed In Many High School Talent Shows Showcasing His Skills. The Rapper Identifies Himself As Much More Than An Artist Though. “I’m more than just a rapper. Im a preacher, a prayer warrior, a giver, a leader, a spirit guided individual. I make music for the sole purpose of bringing souls to God. I know what it’s like to feel lost, broken, emotionless. I grew up around violence in a Godless society. I used to wanna be famous and rich. But God saved me from a life in darkness and he showed me the light. Jesus is the light. And now that i have the light, i must share it with the world.”