Nonbinary rapper Braydbunch had the streets of NYC buzzing when they dropped “The Shady Brady Mixtape” last year. The New York-bred emcee has continued to to make old fans happy while gaining new fans with their latest single, “The Weed Don’t Work”. The overnight hit gives fans their first sneak peak from Brady’s highly anticipated mixtape, “The Feminine Divine”. The single has already been streamed on SoundCloud over a million times in less than a month. Many hip hop heads are comparing the song to other popular stoner anthems from hip hop legends such as Snoop Dogg and Mac Miller.

Braydbunch flexes their undeniable storytelling talent in this latest track, which has already put up decent numbers on Audiomack as well.Born on Long Island, but formed in Brooklyn, Braydbunch is a well-seasoned artist who doesn’t crumble under pressure. After winning many local rap battles throughout New York, Braydbunch (then known as Shady Brady) opted against signing with some major labels in the New YorkCity area. For Brady, their dedication to outworking their competition has allowed them to remain in control of their own career’s trajectory. Their insistence on independence— and implying that they have turned down major-label dealsworth millions—is a significant part of the white rapper’s appeal. H aving garnered a ton of media attention through social media, Braydbunch felt the need to first hone in on their craft, as an independent artist. So far, the decision has been paying off, culminating with this one of a kind artist getting many hip hop superstars to hop on tracks as features for their upcoming mixtape. Brady recently finished working on a track with both the legendary Riff RAFF and the Indie sensation Norie Finesse. They are also currently in talks of making a track with the beautiful Mulatto.In such a small amount of time, Braydbunch has shown they are willing to cover a wide spectrum of subject material. Some of their tracks talk about their transgender identity, others focus on personal struggles such as their divorce from their ex-wife, homelessness, depression, drug use and much more. As you’ll come to know – upon listening to their full catalog, Braydbunch doesn’t try to imitate anyone, they simply want to make original music about their own experiences and struggles.As mentioned earlier, Brady has been working with many platinum selling artists as both a rapper and a producer. With Braydbunch’s newfound fame, they’ll likely have plenty of options when it comes to collaborations in the future. Prior to working with artist’s like Bizarre from D12 and Riff RAFF, Brady always dreamt that their first musical collaboration would be with Eminem or Mac Miller.

“I wanted my first collab to be with Em or Mac,” they revealed during an interview back in January. “Sadly, Mac passed away and I’ll keep dreaming of working with Eminem.” If Shady Brady, Mac and Slim Shady somehow couldn’t get the job done, Cardi B would have sufficed. “If Cardi hits me up or something, that’s gonna be fire,” they continued with a laugh. “Although, the other two definitely inspired me as a white rapper, I can’t help but respect her hustle. She’s grown so much as an artist since her first mixtape. She motivated me. She made me realize I could get better too with time and practice. She helped me take my craft to a whole new level. Besides, us New Yorkers have to stick together.”

Brady also mentioned that they would love to work with other New York stars such as Fivio Foreign, DreamDoll, Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow whether it is as a rapper or even as a producer.Lastly, Braydbunch was asked how they feel about being considered an icon for the transgender community. Through their style of hip hop, Brady prefers unapologetic lyrics over sending a message. They told an LGBT blog last year, “I don’t give a crap about being a transgender idol at all…I just want to be a rap superstar and successful producer. All of that LGBT icon stuff can be left to the likes of other transgender artists such as Kim Petras or Gia Gunn. I don’t want to be seen as a queer artist for queer people. I want to be seen simply as me.”Also working as a producer, it wasn’ until after they cooked up some beats for some big name artists, that Brady began to released their own tracks.

Their first album, “The Shady Brady EP” reached the Top 30 spot on iTune’s Hip Hop Songs chart. One of the singles “Nursery Rhymes” also charted as one of the best selling hip hop singles as well. Despite their success, Braydbunch knows that they are just getting started. “The music I released in the past was when I was still learning how to rap and produce music. First of all, I had no rhythm. I neer gave up though. I actually cringe when I hear some of my old songs. However, I have been putting in the time and know I have improved tremendously. I actually talk about this on some of my upcoming tracks. I promise this next mixtape is going to change the hip hop game forever. The glow up is real.”Listen to the single for “The Weed Don’t Work” by Braydbunch, currently available on SoundCloud and AudioMack. This single as well as the rest of their upcoming mixtape “The Feminine Divine” will soon be available on all streaming platforms.