Dangerous Minds had theaters around the country packed. Which meant
the world was singing “Gangsta’s Paradise” as loud as they could by the
time a baby boy by the name of Davonte came into this world in August
1995 down in New Orleans.
Soon enough that child would find himself immersed in the music of a
rapper who’d be gunned down just a year later. While Davonte would grow
up in a world void of Tupac’s presence, his music lived on and influenced
him to get into the game himself.
As Davonte got older and introduced to the likes of Lil Wayne, things
started to go off in his own head. “I could do this,” he thought to himself as
a kid listening to Tha Carter at a mere nine-years-old. He told himself then
and there, “One day I’ll master it just like Weezy.”
Fast forward to today and Davonte is now known as Tedz200, and he’s
making good on that juvenile promise he made himself almost 15 years
ago. Tedz200 is a rapper with Southern tendencies painted all over his
style. Penning everything himself, audiences can hear how he stands out
from the crowd. From his debut, DontSleepOnTedz to his upcoming
releases; the EP Certified Steppa and single “Battle Cry,” fans and critics
alike have been in tune with his talent. Especially when it comes to his
latest single. “Battle Cry” showcases how those who come from the streets
are like soldiers fighting a daily battle just to survive.
Tedz200 has been featured on a number of notable sites including Music
On The Dot, Rap Talk, State of Hip-Hop, High Definition Audio, Post My
Fresh and She Bloggin which noted, “You can feel his potential for the
music industry is one of a kind.”
On top of all of his in-print notoriety, Tedz200 packed a bag and hit the
road throughout Louisiana in 2016 with DjYaBoyEarl for a successful run
that had them connecting with fans all across the Bayou State.
With plans to release more music in the near future, Tedz200 has proven
he’s a force and not slowing down anytime soon. Like his idols Lil Wayne
and Tupac, Tedz200 plans on leaving a legacy behind him.