Gabrielle Jane McDonald (Gabby Jane) born in Bishop CA, raised between Los Angeles and Evansville, Indiana since the age of 6. Gabby Jane’s mother was very supportive of her singing career and made it possible for the young star to pursue her dreams by entering her into talent shows and taking her to auditions. Gabby found her passion through music by studying cross barriers of generations, genre and race with influences such as James Taylor, Erykah Badu, Karen Carpenter, John Legend and many more. Gabrielle first discovered her vocal powers at a young age, recording professionally for the first time at age 8. Meanwhile, her keen writing talents have also developed and she continues to sharpen them with experience and maturity.
Her talents have now brought her to Atlanta working with up and coming Mission Accomplished Management and signed to up and coming independent label, Millionaire Syndicate Records.Throughout her hard work, trials and tribulations Gabby has managed to keep a leveled head and continuing her education on being an outstanding Artist . Gabby plans to not only pursue her music career but would love to branch out to acting and modeling.