Hooligan Lou

Hooligan Lou for the past decade has always found ways to be a pioneer for the platform of SoundCloud but this year for his birthday he decided to set the world record for most songs in a day with 121 and 122 including a feature to which he has given everyone for free, hasn’t even glorified the fact that he set a world record or even submitted it to be an official world record yet.

This is extreme underground lore everytime we hear something about the og hooligan we grew up listening to. Media never reports on him because he is anti industry while still working with probably some of your favorite rappers and singers of all time. He dropped 4 projects called Caloufornia, Louniversal, Xylouphone & Louser and what we found most cool about these tracks is that each song has it’s own sample of something that has either been inspirational or been comedic to Hooligan Lou during his upbringing.
He gives us a flavor of everything, to which he says is to eliminate the ability to hate. Caloufornia is a classic punk, post punk, indie and alternative project. Louniversal is a spacey trap project mixed with aggressive flows and interesting voices. Xylouphone is a baby making smooth and sad r&b project. And last but most certainly not least, because it is ours favorite, Louser is a top notch old school bars and flow hip hop cut.
Hooligan Lou has not only made a way for his city of the 914 and all the artists around him in NYC and the world. But as you can now tell he is also turning the universe into the Louniverse.

Go check out his SoundCloud as well as his side page Lou’s Lost. You don’t want to miss the rise from the underground to the mainstream that is soon to come for this mysterious superstar.