Blacc Cuzz might be a name that you haven’t come across yet. But it’s a name you’re likely going to be hearing a lot more of in the future whether you want to or not. The self-proclaimed voice of the streets is making big moves in the industry and has momentum behind him from both the fans that back him and the waves he’s making.

Blacc Cuzz hasn’t always dreamed of making it big on the music scene. He never really wanted to be a rapper himself. He’s a hustler through and through and made his money as a young man coming up whilst everyone else was still doing “kid” stuff like going to school. He used that money to start his record label and leaned his burgeoning empire behind another MC whom he thought had what it took.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. It never gelled properly and the music they made wasn’t worth the stress and bother that went into it. Blacc Cuzz has lived the life, he’s grown up on the wrong side of the tracks and dragged himself through by the scruff of his neck. He’s a self-made man with mountains of motivation. But what does it sound like?

The song itself is only 3:02 seconds long, roughly 1 minute of that time is spent on a classic rap introduction phone call. One of the old guards letting Blacc Cuzz know he’s respected and that he’s got the green light to be the official voice of the real ones. After this is done the beat turns up properly and we’re given our first sip of the unmistakable trap rap mix.

When Blacc Cuzz struts onto the track he does so with authority. The whole song has that easy, laidback, mumbling feel that a lot of the game has slouched into, but Black Cuzz isn’t going to follow the crowd like that. Each word is enunciated properly and even to the untrained ear, you could pick out what he’s saying. He’s not hiding behind any gimmicks, he flexes on the beat like he was born to be there.

In 2 short minutes, Blacc Cuzz does an excellent job of introducing himself to the uninitiated. He mixes up delivery and melody to provide some interesting hooks that don’t sound like anyone else on the scene right now. He’s working with beats that without any other way to describe it; bang. Lyrically it’s a lot of braggadocio about the amount of bling he has put together, but he isn’t romanticizing the path he took to get there. If Blacc Cuzz is fixing to be a role model then it’s a much more impressive silhouette to many that have come before.

If this track “Intro” is supposed to get you hungry for more, if it’s intended to prick up ears and build interest; it’s working. Blacc Cuzz is serving up something with a much more refined and interesting taste than anything that’s come before and we’ll be ordering another round.