KING MILEST 26 year old American rapper, songwriter and producer from Atlanta has been making moves and creating a spark in the industry. The Omaha native has been playing guitar and working in the studio since he was 8 years old, perfecting his craft and finding a passion within his hobby. He was introduced to the music industry by following in the footsteps of his older brothers. He has crafted a unique sound that has attracted attention towards the rising artist, especially captivating the support of his hometown.

Spiking in popularity, he is known for an array of songs such as “King Kong ”, “Smile”, “Show Out” and “T.N.T” off his debut EP Caught In the Past. Milest has showcased his unique sound and vibe for his following, having recently performed some local shows. He plans to continue the line up through this summer 2022. KM has proven he is not like your average artist. Having so much experience with music, Milest is not only well known for his artistry, but has produced and written for countless up and coming artist of various genresMilest has proven his creativity and diversity with his music. Each song is captivating with his different, yet familiar sound. Having produced all aspects himself, it’s impressive to hear such melodic beats and lyrics that are completely his own and how he creates a welcoming atmosphere to vibe with. It’s clear he is making a name for himself and if here to stay. KM announced the making of his newest project, something he notes will be the biggest and craziest release yet. While there is not set date currently, Milest plans for his project to be available likely at the end of this year. As his popularity heightens, so does the suspense for his fans awaiting his newest drop. In the meantime, be sure to stream his music and other published projects while we await for more of his sound.