Female Hip-Hop/Pop artist, New and edgy; Something you have never seen or heard before. With a twist of women empowerment and daily issues written from the soul; 100% real life! Dumb Blonde (also known as DUMB BLONDE RAPPER™), has a fierce lyrical outlook on music. Originally from Monroe, Louisiana she has been in Houston, Texas since 2008 and calls the city of H-TOWN her second, but equal home! 

This female MC is starting to come up rapidly as she is spreading nationally receiving positive feedback from all over the world. 

Her most popular song “Realistic Nightmare” has been spun over 182k times along side with her newest single “Cray Cray”. She also tells us she has a few new singles up her sleeve and will be dropping soon! 

Her audience can hear her music digitally found throughout the internet under the name Dumb Blonde, containing lyrics such as, “I’m cruising in my lane, you just stay your way, we’re not the same” and “Bartender, please another round, we ain’t leaving till this b**** is burning down” as well as “hustle hard all day get your bread up, Ya’ll fuss and fight and your fed up, you just leave cause you got your own set up!” 

“I appreciate you rocking with me so hard; I work to improve myself and my music everyday! Stay tuned because with me, there is no telling what is coming out next or what my next move will be!”