Ego Champ is an up and coming hip-hop/ rap artist from Peoria, Illinois. With the ability to deliver hard-hitting and witty flows, and a passion for hip-hop, Ego Champ is one of the hottest new names in the industry!

Born and raised in the rugged South End of Peoria to a family with limited means, Ego Champ is no stranger to life’s struggles. Ego Champ has always looked to music as an outlet and has used it to get himself through some of the toughest places in life.  Since the age of 13, when Ego Champ wrote his first ever rap verse, writing music has provided Ego Champ not only an escape, but an ability to share his story with others. Through years of perfecting, Ego Champ has built a unique musical sound that blends the style of his two favorite artists, Tupac and Lil Wayne. By combining the powerful and captivating storytelling of Tupac with the witty and fun delivery of Lil Wayne, Ego Champ’s flows always feel authentic and fresh. Perhaps the best example of his unique sound is the viral 2020 EP, Preach. 

Currently, Ego Champ is working on the release of his upcoming project, a collaboration album titled Underdog. Set to release in early 2021, Ego Champ hopes to team up with other local artists to put his hometown back on the map.