Zeus DG’s brand of music and fashion apparel is one that is quickly gaining interest and raising excitement among new fans as he emerges from the Philadelphia area. 
In 2013, after the shooting of his brother left him confined to a wheelchair. He partnered and formed Hardbody Click Records label and the HBC fashion line as a form of motivation that is used to bring awareness to the community, and to which a portion is used to assist those in need from gun violence. 
As a music artist, his range of thought-provoking lyricism to just word playing has been inspired by some of hip hop’s strongest voices and experiences in the state of PA. He began to hone his skills early on with his brother and frequent collaborator from Blaqhart Industries. From songs like “No waiting”, “So wavy”, “Under water”, and the upcoming “Body Blow” and “Buss Down” his success is on the rise. 
Zeus DG is currently working on the Motivation for the Streets album, the HBC fashion line, and the upcoming double album from Blaqhart Industries.