After releasing three songs; Bang!, Hypnosyss, and Wake TF Up, Ishaan Jolly is planning to do his first new album, currently named “Premiere” (Album Art Below). 

The inspiration behind his music is mainly a passion for learning how to make them. Since he was a kid, he was accustomed to different types of songs, like, Arabic, Bollywood and even pop and hip-hop. Just couple of years ago, Ishaan started attending music festivals like Veld Music Festival in Toronto for 3 years in a row and took artists like Skrillex, Troyboi, Tïesto and many more as an inspiration for his songs. 

The current genres that he is making songs in, are Dance and EDM, but he is further venturing into different genres of music like Hip-Hop and Trap with this new album. 

The links to his current songs are as follows:

Wake TF Up (2020):

Bang! (2019):

Hypnosyss (2019):

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