Artist is from Houston, Tx, grew up in a neighborhood named “SouthPark”.
Started doing music at the age of 6, around the time Kriss Kross came out. Was inspired to see other kids rapping. To get more knowledge and connections in music, he joined the band, and choose to play the snare.

Church was a big influence, also where I got my start playing the drum set, and hearing quality musicians and singers. It was also the place where I learned about creating harmony and melody.. So that had big influence on my sound.
In college, I went from rapping to experimenting with making beats. I was able to catch the ear of Petey Pablo, and other mainstream artists at the time, who encouraged me to keep perfecting my craft. 

The producers that have the most influence on my sound would be, Mannie Fresh, Timbaland, Scott Storch, and Zaytoven.
I get joy from working with new artists and helping them develop their sound. Moved to Atlanta, GA to connect with more Independent artists in one cities known for hip hop and trap music.
Right now I specialize, in hip hop, trap, and R&B music.

Most of music can be found here >>