1988, Damo D was known as Dr. Death D at the age of 18, along with Step D and L Mick Cool they formed a trio called Westside Killas. A 3 track Demo was recorded but has got lost at some point and never to be found. Gave up rapping in 1990 and turned to playing bass in several Metal/Punk bands which both never got off the ground, then became a radio DJ in 1994 and did that for 8 Years. After a long battle with alcohol and drug abuse and mental health issues, recorded 2 techno EPs and recorded many singles and had many indie charts hits. In 2011 the 1st mixtape LIVING IN THE BURBS was released on Crankin Records, with the 1st single SUBURBAN LIFE peaking at No9 on the Australian hip hop indie charts. Many Demo Mixtapes followed with limited success, teamed up with West Australian Horrorcore Rapper M.C Cole and released the classic mixtape PSYCHOTIC DISMEMBERMENT which had limited success. In 2018 Damo D was involved in a near-fatal car accident which put him in hospital for a week, upon release Damo D wrote tracks for his new mixtape aptly titled KARMA BUS, which had minor success on the indie charts, next mixtape was an experimental rap demo titled ‘I WOULD RATHER BE AN OLD FART THAN A YOUNG DICKHEAD” which is rare to find now due to its lack of positive reaction. Damo D was to sign with ITS Records in Germany where the mixtape PSYCOPATHIC LUNATIC was released to very mixed reviews and success, but in 2020 was a standout year with the releases of FREAKSHOW then the very popular WISH I WAS DEAD(which will be remixed by ITS Records soon). A new single will be released in April of 2021 then a mixtape to follow later in 2021.