The slightly eccentric Hip-Hop producer/artist, M.A. Allday, has been molded for this opportunity to shine since the start of the millennium. Thrusting into the Hip-Hop community solely as a producer, he gradually embedded his footprint as a lyricist. A mix of Southern hospitality, blended with a gritty ruggedness, this West-Central Georgia native is influenced by the art-of-storytelling from the likes of OutKast, bold words of UGK with a hint of New School techniques ranging from Travis Scott, Big K.R.I.T. to Gunna. He’s like your favorite Grandmother’s dish, wrapped in pita bread, served on-the-go for a fast life.

Currently flushed in the studio between shifts, M.A. Allday, is working to release his debut L.P.(A.D.D.C.T.- All Dreams Don’t Come True) while balancing life with his love for music. Looking to make an immediate impact, this seasoned artist is not one to skim over. Look forward to a mellow grace, mesmerizing melodies, with a splash of high-octane energy throughout his body of work. He’s one his fan base will truly remember.