For the first time in this decade, Trapismyname has dropped a full album. Following his success from “Trap Story”, Trapismyname is back with 8 tracks on “Almost Perfect”. He’s taken his sound to the next level, writing and producing his own music. 

Straight out of the Bronx via Hartford, Trap pushes his chips all in for “Almost Perfect”. Whether it’s looking back on his past or celebrating for the future, Trap pours himself out in the lyrics on this album. Even the cover art seems to be a reflection of himself in a literal sense.


The first three tracks on the album have been up for a while on YouTube. Win comes in first on the album. The lyrics on this track fit tremendously well with the Joker sample overlays. You get that sense of grittiness like the city of Gotham itself. 

Even though he wrote the lyrics before the movie, in Trap’s words “It just fit perfectly”.

Chill beats make this track a solid opening for Almost Perfect. 


How couldn’t a song that starts with Samuel L. Jackson not be a good one? Any movie buff will recognize the quote from “Pulp Fiction”. Since being released, Cloud has been a relative hit for Trap. 

Like Samuel L. Jackson, Trap isn’t going to change for anyone and he addresses it here. Hence, “Stuck in my ways, Stuck in my ways, Stuck in my ways.”

How I Feel

Expressing one’s feelings and emotions is one of the main facets of any art form. Although it’s hard to understand anyone’s perspective on life, Trap gives us a non-filtered look on his. From expressing his love for his departed mother to making sure people know he’s never going to stop; Trap gives us a view into his world.

Trap reveals how the song came about, “One day I just woke up and I was just like *sigh* nobody really knows how I feel.”

One thing that always seems to be on Trap’s mind is his recently deceased mother. In multiple tracks, including this one, he mentions her. 

“I think about her a lot.”, said Trap. It’s this and other things that this track reveals about the artist.

S.I.P. Mommy can be seen on the album cover, meaning Sleep in Paradise. 

Forgive and Forget

The first new release on Almost Perfect breaks down one of Trap’s personal mottos, “Forgive but never forget.” Fitting into that theme, a motivational speaker opens up the track. 

“Always remember what they did to you so they can’t do it again”, says Trap.

We even get a peak in Trap’s personal life with a candid quip from his wife Brooke. 

Bad Decisions 

The best track also happens to be the longest. Coming in at 4:36, Bad Decisions is worth ever second. A chaotic but catchy piano rhythm draws in the listener from the get-go. 

Don’t be mistaken, Trap is the only artist on this track. He’s been evolving his vocal stylings so don’t be shocked when he changes it up. 

This was the first track made for the album. A lot of Trap’s technically advances can be heard on this track. From voice manipulation to mixing, Bad Decisions is a true reflection of Trapismyname’s growth as an artist. 


Following up Bad Decisions is Finessed, a song that can be interpreted by making the best of the earlier bad decisions. Similar to Bad Decisions, the track also features a piano rhythm throughout. Trap gives shoutouts with his niece and older sisters.

Did I mention Jerry Springer? Because of course Jerry is sampled on the track. The sample is an “almost perfect” accidental fit as it was added after the song was written. 


Everybody has a focus on securing the bag. That’s also the focus of Gas. The track is a reflection of Trap’s growth in the past year. Naturally, Half Baked is used as a sample on the track and fits like a glove, discussing on how to make money.

A smooth acoustic guitar riff combines with a deep bass to form this jam, so take it all in. 

Speaking of making money, you can follow Trapismyname’s Spotify here.

Doubted Me

“I hated this song at first, but when I rerecorded it, I got a new love for it.”, said Trap. “I delivered it better. The recording was better. Everything just flowed.”

The final track on the album and third new release n “Doubted Me”. The emotional rollercoaster of lyrics all builds to this; a celebration of what Trap has done and what he has in store. 

“To see where I’m at is amazing,” said Trap.

Overall Review


A lot of the album took inspiration from Trapismyname’s love of movies and TV. Samples from Pulp Fiction, Half Baked, The Joker, and The Jerry Springer Show are prominent features in “Almost Perfect”. This should be no surprise to anyone as Trap’s previous albums were named “American Psycho” and “Trap Story”.

From a technical standpoint, “Almost Perfect” offers a much clearer sound than previous Trap albums. That’s thanks to an upgrade in equipment. The upgrade gives some fresh remasters to Win, Cloud, How I Feel, Bad Decisions, and Gas. 

Trap himself is expanding his vocal talents on this album. At moments, Trap sounded like he brought someone else on certain tracks. Instead, he’s been hard at work adding what he can do.