Hip hop has gifted many superstars to the global music industry and Rice is the latest addition to this list. His new music release speaks on behalf of this fact – ‘Stuntin’ for Da Money’ is a fascinating portrayal of his immense artistic potential. Featuring another celebrated artist AA Grand, this track fills the ambiance with moments of inspirational stories. Both the artists have put their best foot forward – the lyricism stands tall here, building over the enticing vibes that have the strength of reflecting the core of the genre in a much greater way.

The elevating premise of this track has been well-backed up by an even more enthralling bass flow. And, all this time, the rhythm section tightens the grip over the senses, demanding attention from all. This track is the ultimate result of two charming music artists coming together. Rice is known for delivering popular hits like ‘Bet on It,’ ‘Big Dreams,’ and ‘Round it up’; he has never kept himself away from experimenting with his musicianship and this fact is well-evident in ‘Stuntin’ for Da Money’.