The one to watch, TopTexas DjNato born and raised. Over 25 years of mixing, with a multi-genre of music playlists. A Connoisseur when it comes to creativity, marketing, advertising and promotions. Always searching for the next big hit. Working for 91.3 KPVU (Charles Porter) 106.9 (The Point), Hot 97, and having Mentors, colleagues such as Mean Green (The Major Playa) Party 104.9, Wicket Cricket, DJ Screw, Mc Big Chill, Sam Mac, Deejay Minus (Alexvision), Crisco Kidd. 97.9 The Mad Hatta, Jimbo, JMac. With these influences, Top Texas Entertainment was founded in 1999.
With a long list of venues, events, and shows TopTexas DjNato has set trends in the Nightlife industry. Paving the way for up-and-coming promoters and music artist. 
2020 Pandemic has shown the music industry, it takes more than concerts and nightclubs, to stay relevant. TopTexas DjNato has filled the void by dropping mixtapes and breaking new singles.