Hooligang Rivolver fresh off of his latest prison sentence has returned with a vengeance as he and fellow Michigan rapper GloriousMfnBeast teamed up to release their newest single titled “Friends”. There will be many more to come from these two, but for now this will be their 2022 campaign introduction. No hints yet as to what their compilation will be titled, or if one will even come of their collaborations, but one thing is for certain this is a breath of fresh air for rap music. While speaking with Rivolver after the release of his newest single he said, “this song was meant to solidify and honor the memory of people I’ve lost while throwing shade at the b*tches who took the last 7 years of my life. My granny really used to tell me – watch your friends! I shoulda listened.” It’s safe to say his pain is pouring through the music, but it’s created a beautiful second act for him. Can’t wait to see where he and GMB go from here!