LFG Nova “Mr I See Nie” is not only an artist he is the CEO/Founder of LFG ENT. He launched his music career by doing songs for the youth in 2016, and began to manage artists, as well as ghost, write behind the scene. It wasn’t until 2019 that he finally released another single entitled “I See Nie” which has had radio play, and began to buzz due to his select punchlines and to viewers on Instagram saying he sounds like southern pioneer 2 Chainz. Asking LFG Nova “does he think he sounds like any other rapper”, he replied, “no I just rap how I talk, and full of ling cuisine”. This month he has a new single dropping he says that is for the clubs and also hosting one of his artists EP Snipe-A-Fool who had the hit single “Back to Back” featuring LFG Nova. This young fellow has a mean vision, from managing artists as we said before, selling LFG Merch, Hosting mixtapes, graphic designing, mixing his own music, and hopes to open a “PlantBased” shop in the near future. He said PlantBased changed his life and everyone should convert ASAP. He has partnered with a few businesses to invest to spread the brand and also looks forward to starting his own fruit & veggie garden in the next few years.