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Listen to J Ham – Pink Eggs and Ham

J Ham is a 25-year-old rapper from Minneapolis, MN. Although pink is his color of choice, it isn’t a reason to question his motives in the rap game. He still comes with fire & perseverance that shows his toughness &… Continue Reading →

Editors’ choice: El Gordo Gonzales

Our editors’ choice. An interesting musician of different genres. Each of his singles sounds new, unusually fresh. A mysterious artist from the UK. We have prepared a selection of his best works in our opinion. Down by the River Down… Continue Reading →


The one to watch, TopTexas DjNato born and raised. Over 25 years of mixing, with a multi-genre of music playlists. A Connoisseur when it comes to creativity, marketing, advertising and promotions. Always searching for the next big hit. Working for 91.3… Continue Reading →

Listen to hip hop artist Tympest

Tympest is a talented independent artist who is from Torrance, CA aka the South Bay. He has been one of the most underrated artist coming out of here since his music career started. His music and approach to the game… Continue Reading →

New single: Los Perros De Amor – The Tall Guy

The Tall Guy single, as the company’s soul, is unobtrusive and kind will give you a pleasant atmosphere. It organically combines with vintage soul and country melodies. A varied balance of poetic expression. An exhilarating anthem soaked with strong vocals,… Continue Reading →

Listen to Prince Rasta [feat. King E Sosa] – What You Mean (Wym)

Listen to the latest tracks of Damo D

1988, Damo D was known as Dr. Death D at the age of 18, along with Step D and L Mick Cool they formed a trio called Westside Killas. A 3 track Demo was recorded but has got lost at… Continue Reading →

Listen to Jui$e Spill – No Chorus

Jui$e Spill Born & raised in Orlando Fl, strongly Devoted to perfecting his craft and producing countless amounts of refreshing music and vibes for the soul from the soul, inspired by heartbreak & turmoil Jui$e Spill relentlessly work to strive… Continue Reading →

New album: M-Hunt – Better Than Expected

“To just listen to what they were saying, how they were saying it, and how creative and technical it was, I knew I could and wanted to do it too”. M-Hunt (19), always had a passion for music. Growing up… Continue Reading →

New single Residue by Dee Hood

Dee Hood independent artist out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. He has a new age but old school unique sound. Follow him on Instagram @realdeehood

Listen to hip hop artist Zeus DG

Zeus DG’s brand of music and fashion apparel is one that is quickly gaining interest and raising excitement among new fans as he emerges from the Philadelphia area. In 2013, after the shooting of his brother left him confined to a… Continue Reading →

Rapper Admiral Crumple speaks on his new film Drab Vegas

 “Drab Vegas was in line with what I do primarily as a Hip Hop artist. It was an extension of all the Hip Hop music videos I’ve done. It’s like the next big goal was to make a film that… Continue Reading →

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