Alekz Rush´s`”Burnin” claims the Top 5 spot on this week’s Official iTunes Dance Charts, as the club track continues to build on the charts, radio and online.

Tracks like “Burnin” are the reason why I started reviewing, and I still love my job. Sure, speaking about famous tunes is nice, but valorizing talents like Alekz Rush, hugely underrated, are the little joys of being a blogger. 

Anyway, I hope that some of you will be as amazed as I am with the style of this German producer. The German artist became known only through his single “Let’s Go Anywhere”, which was for weeks in the Dance Charts. 

First of all, let’s admit a thing: I love Alekz Rush´s style. It’s always full of delight and happiness, and at the same time, he maintains an energetic structure.

“Burnin” adds power in the drop while keeping a sweet feeling, thanks to the delicate vocal fills. It’s like a more energetic Alekz Rush, noticeably so from the similar lead. The melody is somehow slower than expected (nonetheless, incredibly catchy), the bassline is excellent, and the overall quality reaches high peaks. The overall feeling is “bouncy“, and I had the urge to dance while listening to its captivating structure.