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Acculkid releases his amazing track called “I said No”! You definitely want to check it out!

Accu is also known as Acculkid( A cool kid) discovered his love for rap at a very young age by engaging in underground rap battles in high school and later on at his college dormitory as well. Growing up, he… Continue Reading →

All your musical needs are finally satisfied by our new Spotify curators playlists!

Music, music, music. It’s always music. It’s everywhere. In the elevator, in the public bathroom, in every shop and bar, every restaurant and gym. Music is in our blood, and for some of us it even is blood. I am… Continue Reading →

Supreme Grundy releases his new single called “Gettin’ it”. You definitely want to check it out!

Supreme Grundy is a young Nigerian artist that’s breaking into the hip-hop scenes worldwide, he released WARM-UP EP last year and is back this year to release the follow-up song to his most successful song from the project “go get… Continue Reading →

We have a real bomb for you! It is something that you don’t wanna miss!

Do you like music? Sounds like a rhetorical question, anyway, right? If you are reading this than it means you are a true music fan, looking for something new, something fresh. There is no life without music, right? How can… Continue Reading →

Listen to JXY – Too Many

Artist is 24 years old from Bristol. His music style is all about lyrics, melodies, metaphors & enjoyment. He records & engineers all his music & is part of the co-founded independent label, XY Nation. Also has other songs out… Continue Reading →

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